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EUSBSR Forum GE & Growth 3.0
The EquaStream Project
European Strategy Baltic Sea Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0

Winnet Sweden has started a project to establish a European Baltic Sea Forum Strategy for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0. In short: EUSBSR Forum GE & Growth 3.0.

The goal of the EUSBSR Forum GE & Growth 3.0 will be to ensure gender mainstreaming, that gender equality between women and men will be mainstreamed, in economic models and methods that are used for Innovation in entrepreneurship for growth. The project will look at implementing gender equality to be mainstreamed on a macro regional level and from a multi governance perspective.

The project is a cooperation between multiple actors; NGO ETNA; Winnet Center of Excellence ®; The municipality of Umeå, Sweden; Norden International; SKEN; Women’s Baltic Peacebuilding Initiative; Winnet Armenia; Women Resource Centre Network, NGO, Armenia; The Municipality of Goris, Armenia; and Baltic Institute of Finland, NGO.

The project will started off with several meetings and seminars where we analyzed what is needed to ensure gender equality between women and men in models and methods used for innovation and growth in entrepreneurship. Throughout the project we have educated, trained, shared knowledge, experiences, research, and good examples and reevaluated each other to identify best practices and build the EUSBSR Forum GE & Growth 3.0.

The project will finish off with a Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0 conference. At the conference we will be presenting a EUSBSR forum platform for cross border co-operation within EUSBSR and EAP and new project in Central Baltic, Interreg BSR, EU EAP projects and others that have been developed within the project.


On June 13th -14th it was time for the final conference of the EUSBSR Forum GE & Growth 3.0. The first day is a seminar: Drive for Democracy II – shrinking space for civil society with focus on women organizations. The second day was the actual final conference. We discussed how we can develope the project in the future.
The programs for both days:

EUSBSR Program 13 JUNE Drive for Democracy II

Agenda for EUSBSR Forum final conference 14 June 2022

You can watch the video recordnings from the 13th of June (part 1 and part 2). 

You can also watch the video recordings from the Final Conference on the 14th of June.

EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth, 3.0 study visit and workshop in Armenia to create an Armenian Women's Lobby

On May 30th to June 2nd we had a workshop and study visit in Armenia. You can find documents with information about the event here:

Final program/Itinerary for EUSBSR delegation visit to Armenia

Final Agenda EUSBSR Forum Gender Growth Workshop in Armenia

Project Report          

We are getting close to finishing this project. The final Conference will be held in Stockholm on the 
13-14th of June. We have written a report that you can download here.
you can also find a one page summary on the report.

There is also a document from Winnet Centre of Excellence about how to futher develope their work that you can read. 


Information Leaflet EUSBSR Forum GE & Growth 3.0  (English)

Newsletters from EUSBSR
Here you can read all of our newsletters to get to know more about our work!

EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0. Newsletter March 2022

EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0. Newsletter January 2022

EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0. Newsletter December 2021

Here you can catch up on our workshops and find tools to develop your or your organisations work with gender equality.

Workshop in Yerevan - Joining forces to create in Armenian Women's Lobby
In June we were in Armenia for a workshop to create an Armenian Women's Lobby. Here you can find all the materials from the workshop.

Final report presentation, Winnet Center of Excellence.
Presentation from Winnet Armenia.
Presentation from EUSBSRForum forGenderEquality andGrowth 3.0.

you can watch a recording from the workshop.

EUSBSR Workshop with a Women organisation perspective on Gender
Equality and Growth 3.0

Here you can find presentations from the participants of the workshop april 4th.

20 years with empowering of female creativity, Anne-Mari Rannamäe NGO QUIN-Estonia

"Estonian Rural Network and ETNA’s common goal: to inspire women through various cooperation activities“. Ave Bremse – Estonian Rural Network

A financial mechanism for Estonian rural women designed by ETNA 10 years ago, Sirge Vällmann

Access and POWER - What do women in Europe need. Gertrud Åström

PAIK-NET, PAIK Women Resource Center, Kertu Langinen

Women's rights are not always women's opportunities, Haini Tammeoks

Participation at the 3rd EU Macro-Regional-Strategies Week 
Women in Innovation – Promoting a gender equal EU green deal

At this event, EU MRS Week 2022, we held a presentation about EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.
On their website you can watch the video of our presentation 
Women in innovation – promoting a gender equal EU Green Deal.Here you can also take a look at all documentation from the presentation.

Direct links to the documents:

Women in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Gertrud Åström, president, Women’s Baltic Peacebuilding Initiative

Professor Jeaneth Johansson, Flaws in innovation support systems - understanding un-conscious gender bias

Significant conclusion regarding the relationship between gender equality and economic growth in advanced economies by modeling macro data, Malgorzata Guzowska & Marta Hozer -Koćmiel

An introduction to EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0

Seminar on Gender Equality & Economic Growth in BSR and EAP countries 4 & 5 November 2021

During two days in Szczecin we came together in a workshop with the aim to present the results of the analysis of the relationship between Gender Equality & Economic Growth in BSR and EAP countries with the usage of quantitative and qualitative methods. Here you can find Powerpoints and presentations from our two day workshop.

» Entrepreneurship & Innovativeness among women - Results of qualitative study

» The Entrepreneurship Among Women in China

» The Role of Gender in Communication With Citizens


Don't miss any of our webinars! Here you'll find the recordings from webinars arranged within the European Baltic Sea Forum Strategy for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0. 

 Digital seminar 2 December 2021

This is a lunch seminar about Equality in the Nordic energy sector that Winnet EUSBSR arranged together with Nordic Energy Research and Nordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN). You can watch the online seminar here.

  Webinar 31 March

GENOVATE tool-kit

Promoting Sustainable Change: A Toolkit For Integrating Gender Equality and Diversity in Research and Innovation Systems. At our online seminar 31 march 2021 we got a presentation of the toolkit. Catch up on the presentation or read the Genovate tool-kit here!

Richer Business
At our online seminar 31 march 2021 we got a presentation of the Richer Business model. Read more about Richer Business here or catch up on the presentation here!

 Drive for Democracy 7 May 


Resources from the webinar:

» Women empowerment and cooperation in Armenia
with a focus on the Syunik region

» Winnet Armenias presentation & Video 

If you are interested in learning more about our partner Winnet Armenia you can find more videos about their work here: 

» Wool to Carpet Goris

» Goris Crochet Women Center

 EUSBSR Workshop on Gender Equality in Innovation 17 November 

The purpose of the EUSBSR Forum for Gender Equality and Growth 3.0, PA INNO webinar online, organized in connection with the Eastern Partnership EAP, was to ensure the implementation of gender equality in innovation-entrepreneurship.The focus of the webinar was:

» Highlighting challenges and opportunities to ensure gender equality in the support system on innovation and entrepreneurship on all levels in society.
» Identifying the needs, demands of PA Inno on gender equality in strategy and actions.
» Presenting successful methods and tools to be implemented in PA Inno strategy and action plan with focus on gender equality. 

Resources from the webinar:

Powerpoints with:

» Video Reimagining gender roles in Azerbaijan

» Presentation of Richer Business: a gender aware tool for innovative businesses and organizations 

» Presentation of Modelling of the relation between gender equality and economic growth in BSR and EAP countries

Articles and published material:
» We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs

» What do they think and what do they say? Gender bias,entrepreneurial attitude in writing and venture capitalists’funding decisions

» Gender Stereotypes and Venture Support Decisions: How Governmental Venture Capitalists Socially Construct Entrepreneurs’ Potential

» VC Stereotypes About Men and Women Aren’t Supported by Performance Data

» Below the surface What’s the talk and who gets the money II?

This project is funded by the Swedish Institute.


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